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AhMuse Industry Recording Association Of America

The AIRAA is a U.S. organization that has developed a systematic archetype; designed to connect Internet radio, the small business sector, investors and independent recording artists for the purpose of creating a new industry ecosystem. The systematic archetype constitutes an operating system called AIOS; a series of instructions forming the business model and centralized discipline for an aggregate of individual structures to operate as a joint industry.



AhMuse Industry Operating System

Our business model is an operating system called, “AIOS;” acronym for AhMuse Industry Operating System. AIOS is a step-by-step list of instructions; forming the business model and operational plan for new industry professionals working together as a joint industry. AIOS leverages a powerful project management platform called, Asana. Our developers have devised a workflow system designed to take your project from inception to completion without missing a beat. Our AIOS operating system will guide you through a step-by-step process, acquiring and executing all of the necessary  agreements along the way. AIOS is designed to streamline your business operation while keeping your entire team on the same page.


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Step one in the new industry of digital recording and commerce is copyright “works” security. The AIRAA - AhMuse Industry Recording Association Of America has developed a process of “copyright administration,” for the protection of your intellectual property in the new age. An innovative system designed to maximize security through a special online publishing blog. The creator of this protocol, Michael Anthony; researched what evidence was needed for a Judge to base his/her decision upon. Michael used this information to reverse engineer the process by satisfying what the Judge is looking for up front. The “Author of Works Protection Protocol,” is utilized to identify time, date, author and ownership of Copyright; and as a powerful tool of evidence in connection with a United States, “Registered” copyright in a court of Law.


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AIBN – AhMuse Industry Broadcasting Network, is a franchise of online radio stations designed to use Internet technology to strengthen and unify a cultural bond between: local businesses, local government, local news, local recording artist and the citizens living in their surrounding communities. We at AIBN believe that radio is a localized application and should remain that way. Many people tend to automatically frame the Internet as a “global network,” which it is; however, we believe that when it comes to the application of radio, localization is the key.



Bringing Your Communications Together

Voice: No more call-in numbers or meeting codes. Just click to join co-workers in the same virtual room and start talking. Instant voice conferencing.

Multi-screen Sharing: No need to pass the baton. With remote screen sharing tools all meeting participants can independently share and view multiple screens at once.

Chat: Message co-workers privately or group chat with everyone in a virtual room. Business chat lets you message anyone in your team efficiently.

Phone Integration: Call anyone in the world, including co-workers on the move.

Team Screens: Add context and continuity to meetings by adding apps like Google Docs, Basecamp, Jira, and Box into your rooms.

Video: Deepen ties with co-workers using online video conferencing. See reactions side-by-side with content..


PAYGEAR Is The Choice Of AhMuseIndustry.Net

While there are a few choices in affiliate marketing, none of them can really stand up to PayGear.com. PayGear is an amazing service which is more flexible, easier to use, and far less expensive processing fees than any other marketplace on the Internet. Did I mention it is the only marketplace that allows its users to list unlimited products for free?


How It Works



A Step-By-Step Guide To Success!

All of the above businesses are service providers that you can use independently of each other. However, for less than $1.35 per day, you can become a “Distributor Pro” and have access to the AIOS operating system; plus, all of the other services through AhMuseIndustry.Net!

The AIOS operating system is designed to install an operational plan into your business; guiding you through all the necessary steps and agreements to maximize full potential of your recorded products. The other item is just as important as the operating system. The heart of the program is the AhMuseIndustry.Net Business Directory. A special directory that is used to connect all active members in various recordings. From the Administrator that may have started a project, to the drummer that played on a song.

AhMuseIndustry.Net, an exclusive service that you own! Once you become a “Distributor Pro,” your virtual “Sococo” office will be set-up and programmed with all the services we offer to conduct business and increase your sales potential.





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